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Q: Do I have to take my car to the shop my insurance company recommends?

A: Absolutely not. You can have your vehicle repaired at any repair facility that you choose. Insurance companies frequently recommend shops that they call preferred shops or direct repair shops. These are simply shops that participate in their direct repair programs. Before you decide to go with their recommendation, make sure that choice is in your best interest. Memphis Collision only participates in direct repair programs from insurance companies that have exhibited fair practices and that do not ask us to compromise the integrity of the repair to save them money. Your automobile is a large investment, protect it by choosing a repair facility that will truly be on your side.

Q: Do I need three estimates?

A: Most likely not. Getting three estimates is a thing of the past. If we participate in the direct repair program of the insurance company paying for your repairs, we will submit the estimate and photos required by that company. Any other estimates you get will not be used or reviewed by the insurance company. If we do not participate in their program, they will most likely have one of their claims adjusters inspect your vehicle and prepare an estimate. Bring us their estimate and we will handle the rest.

Q: My insurance company says they will not warranty your work, what does that mean?

A: Not as much as they would have you think. This is generally a tactic to get you to use the shop of their choice. You, as the owner of the vehicle, should choose a shop with which you have a good relationship and who will look out for your welfare and safety. That includes the time during the repair process and after. Insurance companies often entice customers to go to the shop of their choice by offering a warranty. The only warranty you should be concerned about is the one the repair facility offers. The repair facility is actually repairing your vehicle and is most familiar with the damage to the vehicle. Memphis Collision offers a Lifetime Warranty on our workmanship.

Q: My insurance company said you do not meet their criteria / are not on their preferred list. What now?

A: We can still repair your vehicle. Often times when an insurance company says a shop does not meet their criteria, it simply means the shop is not on their program. Memphis Collision uses state of the art equipment to repair your vehicle, including a more environmentally friendly waterborne paint system. If you have an accident, we can repair your car no matter who your insurance company is.

Q: Will you use aftermarket / used parts to repair my car?

A: If it was up to us, we would never use any aftermarket parts. However, that question is often answered before you ever have an accident. Many insurance companies have policies that allow for the use of non-oem parts (aftermarket, remanufactured, used, etc.). If your policy allows for these parts, you will most likely be forced to accept them because you signed an agreement allowing it (read your insurance policy). Again, this is not our decision. If you do not want these parts on your vehicle, you have two choices. If you have already had an accident, you can let your adjuster know that you want all new oem parts and be persistent. If you have not had an accident yet, read your policy. If it allows for these parts, see if you can buy an all oem policy or change to an insurance company that gives you that choice. Need help deciding on an insurance company? Come see us and we will show you who is on our “preferred list.”

Q: How long will the repairs take?

A: There is no standard answer for this question. There are many factors that go into determining the length of the repair such as severity, parts availability, hidden damage, insurance procedures and many more. When you drop your vehicle off for repairs we will try to estimate the repair time, however, it is just an estimate and not a guarantee. Please understand that there are many variables in the repair process and many delays are out of our control.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash, insurance checks, bank checks, debit cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover.

Q: What happens if you find additional damage to my car once repairs are started?

A: Typically, the original estimate will only include visual damage. Once the vehicle is in the repair process, hidden damage may be found. This is normal for most repairs due to the complexity of today's vehicles. Memphis Collision will work directly with the insurance company should supplemental damages be found.

Q: What is a deductible?

A: Your deductible is very much like a 'co-pay' in the health insurance arena. An insured pays their deductible directly to us at the completion of the repairs and prior to delivery. This does not apply for claimants (at fault party’s insurance company pays for your repairs).

Q: Can you save my deducible or work it into the price?

A: No and neither can any other honest repairer. The deductible is an elemental part of the legal contract with your insurance company. If you 'successfully' negotiate with a repair facility to waive or decrease it, you simply reveal that you are willing to disregard the terms of your legal contract. When you do so, you deliver a message that 'anything goes' and, since profit margins in this industry are frequently below five percent, the money, as they say, has to come from somewhere. You place yourself at the mercy of an unethical repairer who will figure some way to get that money back into the profit column. That may mean not repairing some of the damage or repairing a damaged part that should be replaced, which could lead to safety issues down the road.

Q: When is payment due?

A: At the time of completion. All balances must be paid in full at the time you pick your vehicle up. The only exception is if we have a relationship with your insurance company that allows them to make payments at a later date.