Memphis Collision
2406 Chiswood Street Memphis, Tennessee 38134
(901) 382-7000


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Latest reviews for Memphis Collision 5/5.0 stars (6 reviews)

Tina in Memphis, TN *****
This was my second time coming to them,and once again they did an amazing job...the work looked great qnd Jeff was the best at working with me and trying to get things moving for me, and the sweetest lady to greet you when you walk in.
Neysa in Memphis, TN *****
I simply cannot express how absolutely fantastic this business is. They went above and beyond even what would be considered exceptional service. I took my vehicle there for an insurance claim. They worked diligently to get through the hurdles dealing with the insurance company to get my vehicle taken care of as quickly as possible. When I retrieved my vehicle, I had an unrelated incident after leaving. The guy that helped me check out when picking up my vehicle showed up to help me with the incident on the side of the road! The service is exceptionally friendly, and they do their best to get you your vehicle back as quickly as possible. In addition, when I pulled into the parking lot and pick up my vehicle I didn’t even recognize it! It was the cleanest I had ever seen it even cleaner than the day I bought it! I could not recommend them anymore!
Cassie in Memphis, TN *****
In today's day and age, it is rare to find good customer service. Jeff is the epitome of excellent customer service and care. My vehicle was involved in a collision and in really bad shape. Jeff and his team took the time to give me an estimate even though I was unable to have the vehicle repaired. There were some personal items still in the vehicle that Jeff was kind enough to remove for me and leave them at the shop until I can pick them up. I was in a pretty bad situation and he knew it. He not only took his time to give me a few different estimates, knowing that I was not going to be able to have the work done, but he also went the extra mile and emailed me the estimate, let me keep the car there until it could be picked up, and got my personal items out for me. His kindness over the phone and through email is just not something I have experienced through customer service from any business in a very long time or ever actually. I can not say enough good things about Memphis Collision and Jeff and his team! I wish there were more than 5 stars to give because 5 is just not enough to explain how excellent they are! If you are ever in a situation like mine or any collision, I highly recommend taking your vehicle here. I was really in a bad spot and Jeff's kindness actually made me feel better. Jeff and team, y'all are the epitome of excellent customer service and customer care! Thank you for everything!
Tina in Memphis, TN *****
Excellent experience! you all made a very stressful situation so much easier and were even more helpful than the insurance company and my car looks amazing after the repairs. I would highly recommend you all to everyone!
Erica in Memphis, TN *****
My experience with you all was so smooth and carefree. I wasn’t worried about leaving my car in your care for one second (or however long). Everyone was so hospitable and provided excellent care and customer service. Plus, my car looked amazing, inside and out. You all go the extra mile. I will recommend this place to anyone.
Donna in Bartlett, TN *****
Thank you so much for taking such great care of my car and making the process easy for me. This was my first time being involved in an accident and you made an unfortunate situation less stressful. Thank You!

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